The goal of the Right Ventricle Segmentation Challenge is to compare right ventricle (RV) segmentation methods by providing a common database of cardiac cine MR images and associated expert contours, as well as an evaluation system. Challengers are invited to enter their segmentation algorithm to automatically find RV endocardium and epicardium, with little or no user intervention. To download the data, please visit the How to download the data section.

[Juil 2019] The complete manual segmentation has been released. It is now available for Test1 and Test2. Evaluation code is online also (thus no evaluation will be made by the organizers).

[Sept 2017] Planning on using deep learning with the  RVSC dataset? Check this blog post by Chuck-Hou Yee, an Insight AI Fellow!

[Aug 2017] Our RVSC challenge is featured on François Chollet’s AI Open Network!

[Feb 2017] The process to download the data has been updated to an online registration form.

[May 2015] The RVSC website has been updated (at last ;-))

[May 2015] As of today, 5 papers using RVSC data have been published! please see the Post-challenge submissions section.

[Oct 2014] The challenge results have been accepted in Medical Image Analysis! The paper is downloadable here: RSCVMedIApaper_finalversion.

Reference: C. Petitjean, M.A. Zuluaga, W. Bai, JN Dacher, D. Grosgeorge, J. Caudron, S. Ruan, I. Ben Ayed, M.Jorge Cardoso, H.-C. Cheng, D. Jimenez-Carretero, M. J. Ledesma-Carbayo, C. Davatzikos, J. Doshi, G. Erus, O.M.O. Maier, C.M.S. Nambakhsh, Y. Ou, S. Ourselin, C.-W. Peng, N.S. Peters, T.M. Peters, M. Rajchl, D. Rueckert, A. Santos, W. Shi, C.-W. Wang, H. Wang, J. Yuan, Right Ventricle Segmentation From Cardiac MRI: A Collation Study, Medical Image Analysis, vol. 19, pp 187-202, 2015

This challenge was part of a MICCAI’12 workshop. Participants were provided with a Training Set (images+ground truth) and a Test1 Set (images only). They were invited to submit a paper describing their methods and results to our MICCAI’12 challenge. On the day of the workshop (October 1st 2012, at MICCAI), participants were provided with a new Test2 Set and organizers evaluated the results and presented them during the conference. Workshop papers are available with a simple request to caroline.petitjean at