I would like to participate to the challenge. Is it possible?

As of July 5th 2012, it is not possible to participate to the challenge anymore. But data and evaluation protocol are still available.

For each patient, the whole MR examination containing around 220 images is provided. Do I have to process all images ?

No. Images to be processed are listed in a listing file (eg P01list.txt), which is at the root of each patient directory. This listing file is present in the Training Set and in the Test1 Set, for all patients. It indicates which images should be segmented (this is because manual segmentation is available on these images only).

Do I have to detect ED and ES images ?

No. Images to be segmented are listed in the listing file. From the phase numbering and since there are 20 images per cardiac cycle, you can guess which one is ED and which one is ES. ED images are P01-0000.dcm, P01-0020.dcm, P01-0040.dcm, etc. ES images may be for example P01-0008.dcm, P01-0028.dcm, P01-0048.dcm, etc (usually the 7th, 8th or 9th images after the ED images).

In the Training Set, for most patients, images are of size (256,216). For patient P02 and P08, images are of size (216,256). Is it normal ?

Yes. This kind of transposition (or 90° rotation) happened during acquisition. There was no special postprocessing, so it is just the way it was acquired. This is also the case for patients P20, P21, P25, P26 in the Test1 Set.